More of the same…

I gave my exams this week, so I rewarded myself with a half a day of sewing on Thursday when I finished grading, plus today.  You would think I’d have more to show for it.  What I did get done was another shirt for DH:



It’s very similar to the first.  I made the neck a bit smaller, and added a bit at the front and cuffs.  The major change is the fabric.  This is a very nice Italian shirting from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It’s much softer than the other.  DH was very happy, although he did not seem as surprised as the first time.  I still feel like it’s pulling a bit at the top button, but I’m not sure how to fix this.  Anyway, it’s getting warmer here so I think this is enough long sleeved shirts for now.  Now, however, he wants some linen pants.  This may be somewhat more difficult to pull off…

I also made up another version of the Jalie shirt for myself, this one with runching at the front and with tulip sleeves.



I still like this.  I’m having some issues with the neckband, which I detail in my review.  But it’s a really good basic pattern. 

I am having an issue with tops.  I have a huge number of skirts — basic a-line, and a few variants — that I feel like I don’t have any “nice” tops to wear with.  These Jalie tops are a little loose.  And the other choice I have is t-shirts from Target, which I like, but are not that nice.  So I’m going a little off the deep end for the next shirt, and trying something from BWOF (November 2008) which is billed as a “leisure-wear” t-shirt.  You never know.


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