Sewing for “necessity”…

I have been sewing!  Just not blogging.  It’s gotten much warmer here, which means I am desperately in need of some summer clothes.  So I’ve been doing some simple sewing, nothing too elaborate, to fill out the wardrobe.  Here is the latest outfit.

jalieandpants 001


The pants are the same as the linen pants from a few posts ago, but in a light denim.  I also had to make them a bit smaller.  I found the linen stretched a bit, as does the denim.  Also I’ve lost a bit of weight.  Just a bit.  Anyway, I’m still a huge fan of these pants.  At least two more pairs, in regular blue denim, are on the list.

The top is my first shot at a Jalie top — it’s the fold-over front sleeveless tee.  I have been committed to Burda, but so many people made this on PR, and I thought it would be nice to have a simple t-shirt pattern.  Let me just say, Jalie is great.  If you are new to sewing, I would really recommend you try this.  It was trivial to make, looks great, the pattern was really well-drafted.  I’m very happy with this.  I’ve already cut out another.

Here is the outfit from the back.

jalieandpants 003

The only thing I’m unsure about, is maybe there should be pockets on the pants in the back.  I think without them it’s a bit of wide open space.  I’ll probably add this to the next version.  Dawn did this, and I liked the way hers came out (of cousre). 

My next projects are mostly for other people — another version of BWOF 3/09 #103 (tunic dress) for a friend and probably another shirt for DH.  But I’ve been making plans to use up the stash.  Here is a picture of the floor in my office/sewing area today


I’m trying to categorize the fabrics by garment type and assign them patterns by going through Burda and the rest of my patterns.  This isn’t weird, right? 





  1. dawn said

    I love your pants. I’m never brave enough to go for the light colored ones but those are great.

  2. Jenna said

    I really like that whole outfit. For some reason, the idea of you making jeans blows my mind.

  3. Keli said

    What method do you use to adjust patterns? I have used Nancey Zieman’s pivot and slide way before.

  4. craftyprofessor said

    Keli: To be honest, in this case I just took about 1/2 inch off either side of the pants. I’m not very good at adjusting patterns in general. This was easy since I could see from the BWOF directions that the smaller size was pretty much just smaller on the sides…

  5. […] jeans, by the way, are from this pattern .  I tried to make them look like actual jeans, with only medium success.  But they are very […]

  6. erinrx2 said

    Weird? Definitely not. Is it weird to take pictures of your combos and think about blogging about it, then not get to it? Because if it is, I may be in trouble.

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