Good wife

I was a good wife this weekend.  For one thing, my in-laws were in town, and I picked them up from the subway while DH was working.  That is worth a lot of points.  Even more significant, I finished the shirt for DH, while he was entertaining his parents with a trip to the suburbs.  Here it is, front and back.

jshirt 001

jshirt 002

(He doesn’t want his face on the Internet, so you miss the very top).

I was really happy with this.  It looks great, and comes pretty close to replicating the $200 shirts he likes to wear.  He was really excited about it, and wore it to work yesterday, which made me very happy.  My favorite part is the collar/collar stand, where I used a slightly different fabric for the underside of the collar and the inside of the stand, as you can see here


I also love the pocket.  It’s just a little bit interesting — a pleat in the middle — and it really adds something.  The darts in the back work well, although this is largely becuase he’s so slim.  I was really happy with the fitting/drafting on this pattern (BWOF March, 2009).  Most RTW shirts are much too big for him, so I expected to have to alter this, but I didn’t really have to do anything.

There are, of cousre, a few things I’d like to change on the next version, including:

  1. Nicer fabric.  This was cheap ($1.99/yard!) but is kind of stiff.
  2. Slightly longer cuffs
  3. Slightly smaller neck, but slightly larger at the top front.  It pulls a bit
  4. Smaller/nicer buttons.

Other than that, I think it turned out great, although I find sewing for other people somewhat more stressful.  I find there is a lot more pressure to make it look good on the inside, although I feel like I got there on this (french seams, etc). He is already asking for more.  I’ve created a monster.



  1. Jen said

    Tell him too bad, I already know what he looks like. Ha! I think it looks really great and exactly like a fancy men’s shirt, so that’s pretty awesome! Nicely done!

  2. Jenna said

    I like this a lot, and agree that the pleating on the pocket makes the whole thing.

  3. click said
    I really enjoyed this, cheers explained here

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