Project Runway it’s Not.

Did anyone else watch “The Fashion Show” last night, which is Bravo’s new Project Runway knock-off, now that PR is on Lifetime?  I am a sucker for Bravo and will, of course, watch anything they show me.  And I am obviously very into shows about sewing. Despite this, I found myself actively not enjoying this.  There are several problems.

1. Kelly Rowland is the worst host ever.  WORST.

2. No one on the show can sew for s–t.  DH was observing that I’m a much better sewer than most of the people on the show and, although this could just be him sucking up, I sort of agree.

3. The designers are a little weird.  Example: last night’s challenge was to make several outfits (in a team) that all used the same “must have” piece.  Like, you’d organize your collection around one really great pencil skirt or something.  One of the must-have pieces was gray, silk “harem-pants”.  Just think!  They can go everywhere!  Super for work.  I’m wearing some right now.  The show claims that they are emphasizing “wear-ability”.  Um.  Yeah.

Did anyone else watch?


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  1. dawn said

    Yeah, I wasn’t a big fan either. I like the part where Kelly says something like, “I’ve worn hundreds of little black dresses.” Blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink. Then the co-host saves the day by talking about the t-shirt challenge.

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