It’s finally finished.


I am, to put it mildly, excited.  I really love the way it looks — especially when all buttoned up.  Here is the back, and a view of the lining.  The full review, with all the details, is here


 The fact that this is finished at all is due entirely to my wonderful mother.  As you know if you have been reading this blog, I have been stymied for the last few months on this coat due to inability to do buttonholes large enough, in fabric like this.  Chicago apparently does not feature anyone who can do this for you.   So I shipped the coat to my parents in New York, and waited until I was visiting.  Saturday morning Mom and I treked down to Jonathan’s Embroidery.  Which I thought opened at 8:30.  And which does not actually open until 9:00.  And I had a breakfast to get to.

So I left my mother with the coat, with instructions.  In retrospect, this was a terrible thing to do to her.  I had built up this whole thing about how I worked so hard on this coat and blah blah and if they screwed it up and so on.  As it turns out, my mother is an incredibly talented quilter, who makes absolutely amazing applique quilts. But she doesn’t sew clothes.  Fortunately, the people who work at Jonathan’s are wonderful, and familiar with how one would want to do buttonholes.  But there were various problems — their largest size is not quite large enough, and so on.  And mom was really nervous.  However, she pushed through, and with a few (okay, five) phone calls we got it done.  The buttonholes are amazing, by the way, and way better than I could have done, even given any sewing machine.

The one issue is that they are not quite large enough, so at the moment it’s a little hard to get them buttoned.  This should ease with time, but it’s especially difficult since I seem to have sprained my thumb (not a sewing injury).  DH took some nice photos of me trying to undo the buttons to take pictures.  He’s such a sweetie.



 I feel like this is awesome.  Now I just have to wait a few months to actually wear it.  It’s really, really hot.  Which is good, because Chicago is really, really cold.  Just not in May.  Well, mostly not in May.



  1. Elaine said

    Congratulations on finishing such a wonderful coat! I’m sure that you will get plenty of fashionable wear out of it – starting about October!

  2. Cennetta said

    Beautiful coat and congratulations on finishing it.

  3. Isabelle said

    Great coat! You will wear and enjoy it for many years to come. Congratulations.

  4. Jenna said

    This is so nice! This is the most impressive thing you have made so far. Basically you have to make a ball gown now to impress me. Sorry!

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