Aren’t pants the best?

The greatest thing about sewing, for me, is pants.  Other things — skirts, jackets, tops, dresses — I really like, and I like the ones I make better than what I could buy, but I feel like they are pretty close.  In contrast, I have never been able to buy pants that fit as well as the ones that I make.

I currently have two TNT patterns for work pants.  By “work pants” I mean pants that, at the end of the day, I really want to get out of.  They look great, I have a million pairs of them, and it’s all I wear for teaching, etc.  But I’ve been shopping around for possible casual pants, especially since summer is coming, teaching is ending (5 more weeks!) and it’s finally getting warmer. 

I, like everyone else, was attracted to the bell-bottom pants from April’s Burda.  Tons of people have already made these up; I’m sort of late to the party.  But here they are, made up in a beige linen.  It’s a little see-through, but not so bad.  With appropriate underwear it should be fine.


I love these.  LOVE. THEM.  I especially like the top, with the pockets, which you can see in more detail here.  And yes, that’s my belly button on the internet.  Sue me.


These are really well drafted.  I know I shouldn’t do this with pants, but I didn’t even make a muslin, and they fit perfectly without alterations.

I am already envisioning these in a nice denim, and maybe a darker linen, and with the pockets on the back, or welt pockets…. 




  1. Amanda S. said

    These are great! Pants scare the heck out of me, but I’ve got to find myself some TNT patterns. This one is at the top of my list.

  2. Jenna said

    Pants are NOT the best. None of my pants are good. Somehow I doubt that I can fix this problem by making my own pants, but I’m really glad that is working for you!

  3. Holly said

    The pants look great. And without even a muslin. I am very happy to see there are other professional working women out there who sew. I’m a CPA and now that tax season is over, I’m going crazy buying patterns and fabric. I have to dress nice for work, so I am going to try to make a jacket… but I am REALLY SCARED. I have thrown many a top in the garbage because I couldn’t do a simple collar. But I am going to try Simplicity 2703, that has a really cute jacket (its featured in the new issue of Threads. Good luck on your next project and please keep us posted on your jacket making.

  4. belly said

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