It is nice to see improvement…

I really like my job.  But it can be very hard to see improvement.  I’m still working on the same papers — not the same general project but literally the same document — as in 2004.  And while they are probably a little bit better now, the changes in quality are incremental at best.  Basically, I’m just not getting a lot better at paper-writing. 

I was reminded yesterday as I was packing for my trip (I’m travelling today) that this is one of the things I like most about sewing — you can definitely see improvement.   I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of this jacket:


My initial concerns that I wouldn’t wear it were ridiculous.  I wear it about once a week, and always feel great in it.  There are things I’d do differently on the next round, but not much.

This, in contrast, is my first jacket attempt from January, 2008.  Which is only about a year ago!


“Flattering” does not come to mind, although I do think I actually wore this.  If only my papers would get better at the same rate…


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