Dress or Tunic? Yes. And Yes.

This semester DH teaches on Saturdays, which leaves me to do various chores which we would otherwise do together.  Yesterday included: groceries, fabric (okay, not technically a joint chore, but I did get fabric for his shirt!), dry cleaning, shoe repair, purchasing replacement propane tanks for the grill, pilates (also technically not a chore), making dinner for our dinner party, etc.  Despite this, I managed to make two versions of BWOF 3/2009, #103.  Which really tells you how easy it is. 

The write-up indicates it could be tunic or a dress.  I think they envision a single garment which fits both of these descriptions — basically, a very long shirt or a very short dress.  I guess they think you could wear leggings under it, which is definitely not going to happen.

  I ended up with two garments: a normal length shirt, and a very short dress. I started with the dress, and while I was trying to figure out the length I realized I like it a lot as a top, as well.  I had just enough leftover fabric and — in an hour — presto. 



The dress is, admittedly, very short.  I don’t have a LOT of occasions to wear something this…ummm…revealing.  But I have several people getting married in the next few months, and I’m thinking some bachelorette parties are in order.  I think it looks pretty good.  I’d like to lose a few more pounds, but that’s a more or less permanent, unfulfilled goal.  As Tim Gunn says: dress for the body you have, not the one you want.  And so on.  And the top is incredibly versatile — I wore it last night, in fact.

Sewing-wise, these are very easy.  It’s just a front and back, attached to a two piece yoke.  The one thing I would say, and this is also in the review (here), is that you almost certainly want to interface all of the yoke pieces, since that’s the source of the structure.  I did that on the top, but not the dress, and it worked well. 

Next up: cleaning out my fabric box, which is overflowing, and starting on DH’s shirt.  I’m going to try to come out of the cleaning with some kind of plan for what to do with different fabric pieces.  What better to do on a rainy day?






  1. Amanda S. said

    I love your top! I liked this in the magazine as well but didn’t know where I’d wear a tunic (or short dress.) Duh! Shorten it into a shirt! Thanks, I’ll be copying your idea. 🙂

  2. Jen T said

    How did you fit all of those activities into a single Saturday? Wow.

    also, that is a really cute top. And short dress, hee!

  3. Jenna said

    I think that shirt is my favorite thing you’ve blogged about making. And I really like the sexy dress. Do the sexy dance in it!

  4. Isabelle said

    Cute dress and top! You could always wear the dress with leggings if you’re afraid it’s a little too short.

    Oh, and I hope you won’t mind the personal comment, but I think you look just perfect the way you are!

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