What are you trying to tell me?

When DH and I got engaged, he was really adamant that it be a surprise (which it was).  He told me it was important that he surprise me, since this was the one big life event at which that was an option.  In particular, if/when we decide to have children, I’ll probably get a chance to surprise him with any pregnancy news.  I have occasionally thought about funny ways one might do that.  One definite option would be to wear this new shirt around:



It’s BWOF 7/2008, #108.  Other people have also pointed out the maternity-ness of this top, which is most obvious from the side:



The basic issue is that the pleat on the front causes the shirt to balloon out.  I did this in a stable double-knit, and the recommendation is to do it in a woven.  My guess is both types of fabric will have this problem.  I think if you did in a slinkier knit that might have less of this issue.

Although I’m somewhat wierded out by this maternity thing, I have to say I like this top a lot in the end.  It was really easy to make, and has some interesting details.  Also, if I ever do get pregnant I’ll have something to wear! 

I made this up because I realized I have only a limited set of tops to wear when we go out and the appropriate outfit is jeans and a cute top.  I’ll probably wear this out tonight.  We are going to an “all-you-can-eat” Brazilian meat place.  Which, if you think about it, has some of the same effects as pregnancy. 

Important Follow-Up: Re-reading this post, it seems prudent to put up a quick update.  I am definitely NOT pregnant.  Hopefully some day in the somewhat distant future, but definitely not now!  



  1. Anonymous said

    Cool and stylish top! Congratulations! I cannot wait for your hubby’s “surprised” reaction to the wonderful news! I hope you sew more…There’s many patterns for stylish mamas!

  2. I read your blog entry……I went ahead of myself. I saw the “IF I ever do….”. The extra fabric would come in handy, but with your frame, you could carry this style well, even a big sack! Preggers? Nah I know I would not….

  3. Elaine said

    Cute top – that is on my list of things to make. I just traced off 118 from that same issue, and at first I was confused – thinking they were supposed to be the same top and wonder what you did with the sleeve that I just traced . . .

  4. Rachel said

    First, I love this top and you don’t look pregnant. It’s nice that some tops aren’t form fitting. It means somedays you can just be comfy. I love it. And really want budra magazine.

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