Menswear: Not that Difficult

So I managed to make up a muslin of the shirt for DH on Saturday, without hemming or anything.  Here it is:



I have to say, it was a lot easier than a shirt for me, largely because of fit issues (read: men do not have breasts).  Usually for a shirt like this for me, there is a lot of necessary monkeying with darts, and how tight it should be and so on.  I had him put this on to try for fit.  We had this conversation:

DH: Ahh!  Ahh!  Are you going to stick me with those pins!  Stop trying to kill me!

Me: (silently pinning shirt closed)

DH: Doesn’t it seem a little long to you?

Me: well, yes, it’s not hemmed.

DH: Oh.  Okay, well, other than that it’s fine.

And that’s it.  There are a few necessary adjustments, all having to do with the pattern.  The collar stand and collar aren’t quite long enough, and the sleeves are a bit too long.  I had trouble figuring out the concept of the “sleeve vent”, but as usual “Power Sewing” was right there for me.

So he’s happy with it; we just have to get some fabric to actually make this up in, and we’ll try it out.  Even with topstiching and so on, I still think it’s only a day long project.  On Saturday I even had time for another boat-neck top, which is turning out to be a great staple.


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  1. Jenna said

    Basically this post is adorable.

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