Pencil Skirt

As promised, a slightly late review of the pencil skirt.  The full review, on PR, is here.  I was having trouble getting a good photo of this — DH is teaching and not available to do picture-taking — but here it is in the mirror


and from the side


In the end, I’m fairly happy about how this came out.  It’s not actually a very complicated skirt — two front panels, two back panels, etc — and the vent detailing in the back is kind of neat. 

I have two basic problems with this.  First, the fabric is not that nice.  This is not the fault of the pattern.  I bought this over a year ago, and made a jacket from it.  I had about a yard left over, and I really don’t like to throw things away.  So finally I decided to use it.  There is nothing really wrong with it — it’s real wool — but it doesn’t really feel great.  Second, I really could not figure out the lining.  Because of the vent there is some complicated way you are supposed to leave the lining hanging free over most of the skirt, but attach it at the vent.  I really couldn’t figure this out.

This led to a long saga.  I thought it was a good idea to “bag” the lining (i.e. attach it to the bottom of the skirt everywhere).  I’m not sure why.  I thought I could do this the same way you do it with a jacket, by leaving an opening and sewing it right sides together and then turning it out.  Maybe it is possible to do this, but not for me.  I must have tried it four times before realizing that I just had a big round of fabric, not a skirt.  Blah.  In the end, I did attach the lining to the bottom of the skirt, but by hand.  This was probably a mistake.  I think it’s ballooning a little at the bottom.  All in all, a good learning experience, but very frustrating.

I  think I’ll probably get a fair amount of use out of this skirt, and even more out of the pattern.  The skirt might be a little va-va-voom for teaching, but who cares.  And the pattern is great for a basic pencil skirt.  I’ll probably modify next time to get rid of the two vents in the back and add just a single one. 

Next up: DH wants a shirt.  He is complaining that I do not make things for him.  And he has suddenly developed a taste for disturbingly expensive button down shirts.  Anyway, I’m going to give it a go with this onedreamguy


It’s from a recent Burda, under “Cool Looks for your Dream Guy” which, conveniently, he is.  I’m not sure this will work out, but I’m going to make a muslin today and see how we do.




  1. Jen T said

    I am excited to see how the foray into menswear turns out! Also that skirt is nice. My job has made me very lazy about what I wear to work, and I never wear any skirts. Which is a shame, as they are clearly cuter than pants. Also it is very cool that you have a closet full of things you made!

  2. kitty said

    oh dear, I’m trying to figure out how to line a skirt with a vent, too. Lol.
    I have a J Crew skirt with a vent that is lined. It looks so neatly done, and looks like it was bagged. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know!

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