I am so close to done with the coat!  I have the lining in …



…and I am really digging the purple.  And I have my fabric-covered buttons all picked out…


…they are covered with excess fabric from this top and I love them. 

And tonight, I got home early (i.e. DH is still working) and was all excited to make my button holes. This is where the problems started.  Problem #1: Buttonhole foot for my machine is only large enough for the smaller buttons on the sleeve and waist tabs.  Problem #2: I only managed to make one button hole on one sleeve tab before something really bad (I dont know what) happened and my machine stopped working.  I think the problem is with the button hole foot.  I think I have broken it.  Argh. 

What to do?  It’s pretty clear I’m not going to get to wear the coat this year, so I’m thinking about longer term solutions. I am seriously considering taking the coat with me to New York in May, and having buttonholes made professionally.  Lindsey T has a post on this here.  I wonder if this service exists in Chicago.  Surely not.

So, I guess the coat is on hold for the moment.  I’m going to try something just a teensy-bit easier next — maybe a few more knit tops and a few skirts.  Something that doesn’t take a million years and end in breaking machine parts!



  1. Elaine said

    Have you considered bound button holes?

    If you do find a place in Chicago that does button holes, make sure to write about it!

  2. Jenna said

    Can’t any dry cleaner do that? They have big sewing machines. It doesn’t seem that hard. Anyway, the coat is totally pretty (I love the purple too!) and I really want you to get to wear it this year. So I’m sad.

  3. craftyprofessor said

    Elaine: Isn’t it too late to do those? Given that everything is together? I’m not that good at these…

    Jenna: yes, me too. But next year! I’m worreid about having a dry cleaner do it. What if they screw up? I’d be so sad.

  4. Elaine said

    Yes, I guess you’re right about it being too late . . . unless you want to take apart the facing 😦

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