Coat update: Collar Tips

It’s 5:57 AM, and I am in the airport in Chicago.  On Friday and Saturday I was in California, for two confernces; I returned home at 2am on Sunday morning.  And now I’m off to the East Coast until tomorrow.  Needless to say, I am not in a great mood and have not gotten much sewing done.  I’m having a hard time motivating on the coat, since it’s becoming clear I wont get to wear it much this season.  Also, I can’t figure out what to do about the buttons.  We’ll be having a poll about this at some point.

But for now, I wanted to put up some tips on the collar, since I was very happy with how this came out, and it was different than the BWOF instructions.  Burda recommends you sew the collar together, and then sew it onto the coat.  I find this to be, among other things, very unforgiving.  Unless you get the collar exactly right in size, you’re screwed.  Since I never get things quite right, this is a problem for me.  This procedure is much more forgiving of mistakes like this.

Step 1: Facings

Sew the front to back facings.  In this particular version, the front is self-faced, so you just sew the front parts to the back facing.  It’s probably best at this point to then turn them wrong-sides facing, and check that it all fits together well.  The self-facing is very forgiving, since you can always fold it over a little more or less if the back facing is not quite the right length.

Step 2: Sew Collar Pieces to Facing

You have two sides of the collar, at the moment as two separate pieces.  I cut these slightly longer than is necessary, for reasons you will see.  Pin one collar right-sides-together with the front, and one right-sides-together with the back.  Match the middle of the collar to the middle of the garment on both sides.  All pinned together it will look like this.


If you have cut the collar longer than the garment, you’ll have the collar hanging over the end, like so:


The key to this is that you want to line the collars up so you have exactly the same amount of collar hanging over the edge on each side.  Mark the meeting point on the collar side.  Sew both collars to the garment, stopping exactly at your marking.

Step 3: Sew Collar Together

Now, turn the garment so you can put the two collar pieces right sides together, mark the sewing line on the edge (as below), pin and sew.



Step 4: Finish!

Clip seams, turn collar, press, and sew the joining seams together loosely. And you are done.  Finished product below.  Hopefully the entire coat will not be too far behind!





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  1. Jenna said

    I am so impressed! I can’t wait to see the finished product. There are PLENTY of cold days left. I am still wearing my puffy coat every day, and that’s a step up from a nice wool coat.

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