In Which I Discover Economics Could Lead you Astray…

About four blocks from my house there is a Singer Sewing Machine store.  That’s right, an entire store devoted to sewing machine repair, retail, and other sewing machine items.  The nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics is about a 15 minute drive, given the Chicago traffic situation.  However, I have never been in this Singer store until today.  Why not, you ask?  Because all of the other stores on that block are either (a) bars or (b) boutique clothing stores.  The Singer store seemed very out of place, and it wasn’t clear how they could make money — basically, no economic case for a store like that on a street like this.  So I figured it was a front to launder money.  In fact, I was so convinced of this that I never went in, and continued to drive the 15 minutes for things like, say, needles.

This morning I was working from home, and wanted to take a little sewing time.  I am working on something that needed a twin needle, and DH has the car.  I decided to try the store out, on the off chance they actaully sell things.  I now, of course, feel like a moron since, as you have guessed, it is actually a real store.  They sell all kinds of machines, appear to actually be doing repairs, and did have a twin needle for me.  As a digression, they also have some sergers on sale….might I need yet more sewing equipment? 

At any rate, despite the typically high predictive power of economics, I feel like I really screwed this one up…



  1. Jenna said

    There is a store like that in Davis Square, and I also have never been in it, for basically the same reasons.

  2. Jen said

    Hee, I just assumed going in that store in Davis would be a bummer. Because I assume they can’t be making money and it must be sad in there. You guys totally jump right to mafia though, eh?

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