BWOF 10/2008, #132: Version 3

The obvious next project is my coat, and I need to start soon (today?) if I want to be able to wear it during the winter.  However, I was a little detail-oriented out by the jacket, and wanted to do something easy.  Hence, another pair of BWOF 10/2008, #132 pants.  The review of the original is here; here’s the new version, in difficult to photograph black.



And the side and back, which are not my favorite views…



I really like these pants.  They are quite comfortable, and very flattering (maybe not from the back).  They are also really easy, since they have no fly, just an invisible zipper on the side, and a few darts.  Basically, once you get the fit this is a two hour project.  I have just two problems with them.  First, he original pants have no lining pattern, and I think it’s crazy not to line pants, especially if they are made of wool.  So I had to make my own.  I followed the “quick lining” method in “Easy Guide to Sewing Linings”, which involves two steps.  First, cut the lining just like the pants, but a half inch higher at the crotch.  Second, sew the facing to the lining at the top (see below)


You sew right side (lining) to wrong side (facing) an edge stitch on the bottom (where the pins are in the picture).   And then sew pants to lining/facing, and that’s it.  This is easy.  However, on two of the three versions of these pants, I’ve ended up with the lining very tight, much smaller than the pants.  I can’t really figure out why.  Should I eliminate the crotch raise?  Does anyone know what is going on here?  It’s not that big a deal — they are certainly wearable — it’s just weird.

The second issue is I obviously am completely terrible on right versus left, and in every version I ahve made the pants correctly, and then made the lining backward, so the zipper opening in the lining is on the right rather than the left, and I have to rip things out. EVERY TIME.  You would really think I would have gotten it right on time #3. 

Anyway, good pants, easy, done.  Off to trace my coat!




  1. Jen said

    Hee! I am of NO help, obviously, but wanted to say that if I were a 15 year old boy in a garage metal band, Crotch Raise would be my band’s name.

  2. Jenna said

    Oh my God, Jen.

    It is strange that the pattern would omit a lining. And hilarious that you can’t tell right from left.

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