Baby Present and Pattern Review

Still on the trip, but today I got to visit my wonderful sister-in-law and my completely adorable nephew, James.  I can say without reservation that he is the cutest baby on the planet. I also got a chance to finally take a picture of my Christmas present to him, which I had neglected to do when I first made it. 




I also made him a matching “Yale” blanket (his dad — my brother’s — alma mater).  I think my sister in law hid that, though, lest he feel undue Ivy League pressure at 3 months old. 

This is a great thing to make as a present.  I just posted the pattern reivew here.  I’ve already made a second of these since the holidays, and I’m sure I’ll make many, many more.


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  1. Jenna said

    Adorable! Now I have to have a baby so I can get one of those. Also, it reminds me of that stuffed bear I started making at your house that time we all went there for the weekend. It ended up at my parent’s house, with the needle sticking out of it, just waiting for an innocent toddler to pick it up and get hurt.

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