Shopping, not Sewing

I am at my parents house. It was a really wierd night. A close friend came over and I got to hear, perhaps, more about his life than I might have liked.   There is a line on how much I’d like to hear about your new girlfriend and we are way, way over it.  But I guess that’s life.

When I’m away there is usually no sewing.  I sometimes try to knit, but I’m waiting for a birthday yarn delivery from my lovely friend Jenna, so no knitting either.  Instead, I’m shopping with my birthday present from Mom and Dad.  Here are the plans, all from BWOF, and Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics.  This is somewhat/extremely ambitious, but I think I can make progress.

Coat: warm enough for March in Chicago, but not warm enough for January.  I thought about doing this in Eggplant, but settled on gray, with purple lining:



More BWOF pants, after the 12/2008, #132 were so successful (  I’m going to try 1/2009, #107A.  But probably will need a muslin first, so these might never happen due to laziness.  Still, the fabric is great!


A long-sleeve t-shirt.  I really, really hope this works.  I really need these, and all the other ones on PR look so good!



And, finally, this dress.  It looks so stupid on the model.  They recommend “lace up boots”.  I mean, I have a lot of shoes, some of which are kind of weird, but lace-up boots?  Really?  I once did a photo shoot for Vogue (very long story, and no, it never appeared) where I wore these, but they are not exactly a closet staple.  Still, I really like this dress, and I’m hoping this fabric will work.


So that’s like the next four or so months of sewing.  I also got some fleece so I can make sweats (the November BWOF issue has some good ones, and mine are kind of ratty).  At any rate, it’s going to be some serious sewing!



  1. Jenna said

    A coat! Like, for the winter! I very much approve of your color choices, and I think they will go nicely with the hat yarn.

    The pant fabric is great, but the pants look really high-waisted. Unless that is the point? Also, hee, I hope you accessorize with an animal pelt like the model.

    If you keep making t-shirts and dresses out of knit fabric, how long until you need a serger? Have I just been brainwashed by sewing propaganda to think you need one to touch knit fabric?

  2. craftyprofessor said

    I like high-waisted, although this might be too much. I find it sort of smooths things out… I have a number of animal pelts, so dont worry.

    You do not need a serger. That’s a myth. Also, I dont have enough space for one. I think if I get any more sewing things Jesse will make me move out.

    And Mom hasn’t seen the outfit yet…

  3. dawn said

    I love that jacket so I hope you make it. 🙂 I was thinking about making that one for the Coat Sew Along but didn’t want to change patterns in the middle. I love the eggplant and the grey.

  4. Jen said

    I am totally late to this blog party but I am SO super impressed that you are going to make a jacket! That is so cool! If I could sew, I think I would just make coats, over and over.

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