Trying to impress Mom…

The jacket is coming along, but I’m off tomorrow for a few days of work-related travel.  The main thing is I’m going home to give a talk at my mom’s school.  There are two important things to know about my mother, other than that she is really great, and we are very close, and she got me a gift certificate for Gorgeous Fabrics for my birthday yesterday, so she’s got a lot of points in my book right now.

The first thing is that she’s really, really fashionable.  Her students, who are about my age, routinely write about her shoes in their professor evaluations.  The second thing is that she’s very, very skeptical about my sewing my own clothes.  I have made some progress with her, and I did make her a leather skirt for Christmas, which went over well.  But I think the basic idea she finds somewhat wierd.  So, I’d like to impress her by wearing something that is both (a) fashionable and (b) made by me.  This is the outfit I am planning:


The jacket is BWOF 9/08, #102 (recent pattern review) and the pants are Vogue 2921, which are my favorite pants.  I have about fifty of them.  I’m hoping this outfit works out (thoughts?), although it’s clear from the picture that I need a haircut very badly, and I’m still perfecting this taking-pictures-on-my-own stuff.  Hopefully that will improve over time!



  1. Erin said

    The things we do to impress our mothers…. Your sewing looks great! I just started attempting to sew, so I’m inspired by your obvious success. Keep up the good work!

  2. craftyprofessor said

    Test Comment…

  3. Isabelle said

    Your outfit looks fabulous and very classy!

  4. Jenna said

    Is it sad that your mom can pull of a leather skirt and I could not even though I am half her age? Yes, yes it is sad.

    Also, please don’t leave me hanging – was she impressed by your fashionable outfit?

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