Tailored Jacket – BWOF 8/08, #107A

I am in the midst of trying to make a really high-quality tailored jacket.  I’ve done a couple of jackets in past, like this BWOF from September 2008.
Non-Tailored Jacket

Non-Tailored Jacket

I actually like that jacket a lot, but I thought it was time to try something a little harder.  What’s the point of sewing if you can’t challenge yourself?  Oh yes.  New clothes.  But still.  So I’m working on BWOF 8/2008, 107A.  From the magazine…


And as it currently stands on my dress form.

On the Dress Form

It’s such a coincidence, since I look just like the model!  Anyway. I’ve really been enjoying the process of doing this — I’m spending a lot of time with “Power Sewing Step by Step”.

I have to admit, that I think the clothes in “Power Sewing” are beyond awful.  I mean, just really, really ugly.  This is not a terribly charitable thing to say, but really.  On the other hand, the book is incredibly helpful.  Up next: insert the lining.  I’ve done this in the past doing some combination of hand sewing and machine sewing.  But Sandra Betzina says I can do it all on the machine.  We shall see…


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  1. Jenna said

    Wow. A jacket is really really hard to make, I am so impressed! How long is it going to take you?

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